2015 Graduate Summer School on Quantitative Finance

3 - 13 July 2015
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The Summer School bridges the gap between a general graduate education in quantitative finance and the specific preparation necessary to do research on problems of current interest in the subject. In general, students who attend the Summer School should have completed their first year, and in some cases, may already be working on a thesis. While a majority of the participants will be graduate students, some senior undergraduates, postdoctoral scholars, and young researchers may also be interested in attending.






  • Yongluo CAO (Soochow University)
  • Min DAI (National University of Singapore & NUS (Suzhou) Research Institute)
  • Weinan E (Princeton University & Peking University)
  • Steven KOU (National University of Singapore & NUS (Suzhou) Research Institute)
  • Xingye YUE (Soochow University)


Local Contact Person

  • Yingwen Xue (Ms), szxueyingwen@aliyun.com, 13915533590
  • Xingye Yue (Prof), xyyue@suda.edu.cn


Co-organized with



Sponsored by

  • Center for Mathematics and Interdisciplinary Sciences & Center for Financial Engineering, Soochow University
  • Risk Management & Quantitative Finance Centre, NUS (Suzhou) Research Institute (founded by Centre for Quantitative Finance and Risk Management Institute)
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