About Us


The Centre for Quantitative Finance, established in April 2012, aims to be an outstanding Centre for knowledge development in quantitative and computational finance. To do so, it would tap on the different expertise across NUS, in particular from the Sciences, Computer Science and Economics, to make a well-defined contribution to the development of the Finance Cluster in quantitative and computational finance.

It has three objectives:

  • Academic Research
    Develop research niches in two to three selected areas in quantitative and computational finance that are of strategic importance to NUS and Singapore as an international financial hub.
  • Industrial Research and Development:
    Conduct research and development in problems and programmes that are of current interest to finance industry.
  • Educational Initiatives: 
    Upgrade knowledge and skills of students and professionals through short-term courses and programmes.

In November 2014, the Risk Management Institute (RMI) and the Centre for Quantitative Finance jointly set up a centre at NUS Suzhou Research Institute (NUSRI) – Risk Management & Quantitative Finance Centre. The aim of this new centre is to promote international exchange, training, and research on risk management and quantitative finance in China.